A Yazidi woman cooks dinner after sunset in the Sharia Refugee Camp near Dohuk, Iraq.

The 32 year old survivor of the Qane massacre, who did not want to be identified, poses for a photo in the Qadiya Refugee Camp, Iraq. An estimated 70 others died in the ditch where they were lined up single file and told to lie face down in the dirt. The bullet skidded across the back of his neck, and hit him in his shoulder, his leg, his shin and his arm – but he succeeded in crawling to safety.

Yazidi women sit on the outskirts of the Qadiya Refugee Camp, Iraq.

A Yazidi holy man, left, gestures inside a Yazidi temple after a religious candle lighting ceremony, in Sharafadin at the base of Sinjar Mountain, Iraq.

15-month-old baby Beywar Khodeida, bottom center, sleeps as his family starts the day at their family home in the deserted village of Doukoure near Sinjar Mountain, Iraq. The 15 month old, who was born just as the family was fleeing ISIS was given his name Beywar, which means 'one without a home.' The family came back to the house in order to clean up and make sure it was ok. They hadn't been back since the village of Doukoure fell to ISIS and all the residents were forced to leave or face possible death. 

Ali Sayid Khalaf, center, reflected in the mirror, stands in what was once the biggest clothing shop in the town of Sinoune, near Sinjar Mountain, Iraq. Khalaf's clothing shop was a thriving business, which according to him had over $500,000 worth of merchandise before ISIS invaded. He fled when they came, and the fighters took all of his stored clothes and damaged a lot of the mannequins. He had no money to restart his business, and the owner of the shop asked him to move the remaining items out so they could try to re-rent it. 

A Yazidi woman attempts to touch her hands as she hugs a column in a fertility ritual, in the holy city of Lalish, near Dohuk, Iraq.

Yazidi children play behind a curtain, in the Chamisko Refugee Camp near Zakho, Iraq.

A Yazidi officer reaches down to touch a slipper from a person who was killed by ISIS at a mass grave outside the village of Hardan, near Sinjar Mountain, Iraq.  Accounts vary as to how many people ISIS killed there, but was between 50-70 people, some of whom where said to be children.

Shamo Shamdeen, the lone remaining resident of his deserted village, inspects the ruins of a house that was destroyed by ISIS, in Doukoure near Sinjar Mountain, Iraq. The village of Doukoure fell to ISIS last summer and all the residents were forced to leave or face possible death. After ISIS eventually retreated from the village only Shamdeen has permanently come back as many homes were destroyed and people are still too fearful to return.

A Yazidi woman lets her son inspect a candle inside a shrine, in the holy city of Lalish, near Dohuk, Iraq.

A Yazidi woman rubs her face in the Kabarto 2 Refugee Camp near Dohuk, Iraq

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